Sweden Road Trip – Öckerö Islands

The Öckerö Islands

The Öckerö Islands have been my first stop on my Sweden road trip this year. I took the ferry from Frederikshavn across the North Sea over to Gothenburg. When I arrived late in the evening I had no idea where to go or what to do, so I drove outside the city, parked my car near a small lake, and just googled. After reading that there’s a free ferry to an island group called Öckerö Islands just north of Gothenburg, and not knowing what to expect, I decided to give it try.


Fotö is one of the smaller Öckerö Islands, but just as beautiful! With a few tiny beaches, a lovely little harbor and its dramatic coastline, it’s definitely worth a visit! Even just the ride to Fotö is an adventure. When you’re driving across the bridge, connecting Fotö and Hönö, you’re getting rewarded with a view all over the archipelago of Gothenburg!

As I was running out of time, I had to leave these amazing islands sooner than I wanted. Join me for my next stop at the largest lake in Sweden: The Vänern!


Of the 10 existing islands, Hönö has been my first stop, and with almost 5000 inhabitants and an area of around 3km², it’s the largest. Online I’ve read about the island’s highlight, the so-called „Ersdalens naturreservat“, located in the north-western part of Hönö. I spent most of my time hiking around this beautiful nature reserve, taking lots of pictures (a must during and after sunset) and sleeping at the nearest parking place inside my cozy car. But not just Hönös nature is well worth seeing, Hönö Klåva, kind of a combination of the islands harbor and city center, attracts most tourists visiting the Öckerö Islands. But there’s more to the Öckerö Islands than just Hönö!